Indian, 2010.
60 x 48 cm,
C-print on aluminium.
Ed. 5 + 2 a.p.
I was 7. One morning my teacher and the school caretaker came to the classroom and said that we were going on a field trip. Before we left the caretaker said to us sternly: ”We have done this with other classes and it is quite safe. However, what we are about to do is technically illegal so if the police stop us don´t say a word. Stay on the floor and do not look out of the rear window. Also, do not say a word about this to your parents, ok?” We left in the caretaker´s van; he was driving, our teacher was sitting up front and we children travelled in the cargo hold. The trip took quite a while. I was sitting next to the rear wheel and I bounced up and down on the bumpy road. K threw up in her bag. The boys were fighting and pretended that they were thrown about from wall to wall in the curves, The botanical gardens were hot and humid. We had a guided tour after which we had some free time. I hadn´t got any friends yet at this school so I went alone to the pond in the middle of the garden. It was a magical place, the most beautiful thing I´d ever seen. The pond was hidden by thick vegetation and looked very deep and mysterious. In the very spot I decided that I am an Indian girl and that I will stay here by the pond the rest of my life.
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