Eyes, 2007.
100 x 80 cm,
C-print on aluminium.
Ed. 5 + 2 a.p.
My sister and I often have pupils of different size. It has nothing to do with light; it might be connected with tiredness, or it might not. Sometimes people comment on this almost on a daily basis. This bothered my friend J so much that she spent a lot of time in developing various theories explaining the size difference between my pupils. I think the best theory was this: When we were in Santiago de Cuba J followed an entire day the blinking frequency of my eyes and stated that I blinked my left eye more often and slowly than the right eye. Therefore, J reasoned, my left eye lived in a darker world and had to compensate for the difference by varying the size of the pupil.
I myself tend to think that I am split in two. I have two different eyes for two different purposes, but I’m not sure for what. Perhaps one eye looks outside and the other inside? Once I was wearing only one contact lens while driving. I saw a soft, unfocused world where objects, especially light sources like streetlights were large round shapes. Superimposed on this fuzzy image there was another image, sharp and normal. The experience was somehow pleasant and familiar… perhaps the purpose of the different size of my pupils is similar: to see two images, superimposed and complementary, instead of one.
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