NO NAME 2007-2011

In my series No name I explore the themes of childhood and memory. Childhood and adulthood, like layers, are present in the same photograph. More than anything, No name is a collection of little stories of remembrance. I re-create my memories (also false and invented ones) and continue the visual representation of these memories by loosely attaching texts to the images. By doing this I try to find out and question the means a text and a photograph use to mediate a story/memory.

A text seems a lot more straightforward in its narration; and yet it is the photograph that has an indexical relation to the past. The reader/spectator takes a different position towards the text than the photograph. I hope that looking at the series could resemble the actual, complex process of remembering and the constant re-writing of a memory. At the same time, the texts comment on the photographic representations and the possibilities of posing for a photograph.

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